Crooked teeth

Teeth are described as crooked when they are mis-aligned and not arranged in a nice straight row. This can happen because the teeth are not level (up and down), or that they overlap (in and out), or that they are rotated (twisted), or that they have gaps between them.

For some people this becomes an embarrassing cosmetic problem which affects their self-confidence about their appearance and stops them from smiling. Apart from affecting the psychological well-being, crooked teeth can lead to dental problems such as bite and dental function issues, dental decay or gum disease.

It is our passion here at Elite Orthodontics to treat crooked teeth and give you straight teeth and that wonderful smile that you have always dreamed of. Our aim is to ensure that your treatment is pain-free, comfortable and that we use braces that suit you and your lifestyle.  We have options for inconspicuous braces which not only bring about an attractive smile, but good dental function and optimal oral health. Contact Elite Orthodontics today.