Crowded teeth

When teeth are crowded, there is a mis-match between the size of jaws or space available in the jaws and the number or size of teeth. When teeth are unable to fit in an even row within the available space in the mouth, they go out of alignment, overlap, and appear irregular and crooked.

Some people find this a distressing cosmetic problem that affects their confidence regarding their smile appearance and stops them from showing their teeth when they smile. Apart from affecting self-esteem, crowded teeth could lead to dental problems such as bite and dental function issues, dental decay or gum disease.

Orthodontic Treatment for Crowded Teeth

Relief of dental crowding does not necessarily require extraction of teeth, and here at Elite Orthodontics our goal is to treat the vast majority of our cases on a non-extraction basis through using various other space creating strategies. We would love to have the opportunity to straighten your crowded teeth and create that winning smile that you have always imagined and wanted.

Our aim is to ensure that your treatment is carried out smoothly and easily, and that we use braces that suit you and your lifestyle. We have options for braces that are invisible or hardly visible braces, and we aspire to give you a beautiful smile, good bite function and excellent oral health. Contact our London orthodontist clinic today.

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