Gap Between Teeth

When teeth have between them, there is too much space available in the jaws for the number or size of teeth. It could also be due to small teeth, missing teeth, damaged teeth, extracted teeth, or gum problems. When this problem exists there are spaces between teeth and teeth may appear irregular and even crooked.

Gaps between teeth can become quite an upsetting cosmetic problem; affect confidence about one’s smile; thus stopping some people from showing their teeth when they smile. Apart from affecting self-esteem, spaces between teeth could lead to problems such as food getting stuck between teeth and difficulty in cleaning teeth effectively. Common teeth problems.

Specialist Orthodontic Treatment For Gap Issues

Orthodontic treatment can close gaps between teeth, and you may also need the help of other specialists to build up small or damaged teeth or to fill the space of missing teeth. Here at Elite Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in addressing orthodontic problems such as gaps between teeth and giving our patients amazingly attractive teeth that makes them proud of their new smiles and grants them the confidence they have always sought. Learn more about why braces are used.

At Elite Orthodontics we have options for braces that are invisible or hardly visible. Our aim is to ensure that your treatment is carried out comfortably and in a completely pain-free manner, and to use braces that suit you and your lifestyle. Contact us today for more information.