Misaligned Teeth

Worried about misaligned teeth? Unhappy with the results of previous or current orthodontic treatment? Or just had enough of living with an untreated wonky smile?

Whether you’ve worn braces before or you’re seeking professional help for malocclusion for the first time, we’re here to help.

misaligned teeth

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What causes misaligned teeth?

Malocclusion is the name given to misaligned teeth. It’s a relatively common condition – which is often inherited – although there can be other contributing factors, such as:

Symptoms of misaligned teeth

Typically, the biggest symptom of malocclusion is the impact on self-esteem – misaligned teeth can play a big part in how you feel about your smile and appearance.

Although less common, misaligned teeth can also cause pain and discomfort when biting and chewing – making it impossible to enjoy certain foods.

Other complications include speech impediments and mouth breathing.

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Why choose Elite Orthodontics to treat your misaligned teeth?

At Elite Orthodontics based in London, we encounter patients who are in these situations are unhappy with their smile all the time. We take our time to listen to your worries or concerns and do our best to come up with solutions that suit you and your lifestyle. We know how important it is to achieve a satisfactory final treatment outcome for our patients; and how crucial it is to avoid the need for any repeat misaligned teeth in future orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontist for Mmisaligned Tteeth

With a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with misaligned teeth, our goal is to use braces that are inconspicuous and comfortable to wear; and devise treatment plans that bring about an optimal outcome in the shortest possible time and in a pain-free way. Find out more about our London specialists.

At Elite Orthodontics, as well as aiming to ensure excellent dental health and function, we want to ensure that you have a beautiful smile that gives you confidence in your appearance and you would want to show off.

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