Shaping your Smile

Orthodontics is very much a form of cosmetic dentistry. Orthodontic appliances can be used not only to correct the function of the teeth, but also to correct cosmetic disharmonies, and to shape new attractive smiles.

It has increasingly become a priority for many of us to have aesthetically pleasing teeth as this helps to improve self-confidence and self-esteem, thus enhancing our social interactions and our psychological well-being.

It is often easier to treat cosmetic conditions in children because the ideal aesthetics can be encouraged and integrated into the overall treatment during jaw growth and development. However, it is also possible to achieve fantastic outcomes in adults too, sometimes in conjunction with other forms of cosmetic dentistry with the specialist orthodontist liaising with a restorative dentist.

Orthodontics is a conservative non-invasive form of cosmetic dentistry with no detriment to your teeth.

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful smile at the same time as achieving a superior bite and well-functioning teeth? Are you not confident about showing your teeth when you smile? Do you tend not to smile for photographs? Is there one particular aspect of your smile that you dislike? There are many people like you who find that they are not entirely happy with the way their teeth look when they smile because their teeth are either crooked or are not level with each other, or are crowded, or have gaps, or which protrude. Sometimes teeth start off being straight then gradually go out of alignment with time.

Here at Elite Orthodontics, we are experts at solving such problems, and improving your smile is our number one priority. Our goal at Elite Orthodontics is to carry out your orthodontic treatment in a way that suits you and achieve a fantastic smile for you that you can be really proud of. Why not contact us for a no-obligation consultation to find out about options for improving your smile. There could be a number of ways to do this with inconspicuous, discreet or nearly invisible braces. The treatments we offer are comfortable and pain-free.

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