If you have just had a brace fitted, please make sure your read the Brace Care Advice section of this website so that you know what normal troubles to expect during the first few days of having your brace.

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Fortunately, serious orthodontic emergencies are very uncommon; but there are times when braces get lost or damaged, or become uncomfortable to wear.

In such cases please telephone the practice for advice or an emergency appointment. If you call the practice outside normal working hours regarding emergencies that cannot wait until the next working day, you will be provided with an emergency telephone number to call. Please leave a message if nobody answers your call initially.

Where possible, do not try an adjust your orthodontic appliances yourself, as this may damage them further.

In the past, there have been very rare reports of eye injuries occurring while wearing headgear . If this happens, treat it like a medical emergency. Go to your local hospital Accident & Emergency Department to see an eye specialist as soon as possible.

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