Preventative Treatments

Orthodontic Preventative Treatments

Most interceptive treatment that prevents and avoids complex orthodontic treatment in the future is considered during Phase One of our Two Phase Orthodontic Approach to prevention.

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There are many things that we address at this stage including maintaining space for adult teeth, guiding the correct eruption of the adult teeth, eliminating harmful habits and establishing the correct jaw relationships whilst the child is growing.

Functional Braces

These appliances can be used while the child is still growing to reduce the protrusion of top teeth and minimize the risk of trauma and damage to the upper front teeth.

Removable Braces

At an early age, removable braces can correct certain conditions such as crossbites which could lead to gum recession and excessive wear and tear of the teeth. They could also widen the dental arches to create more space for the accommodation of adult teeth and prevent impaction of the adult teeth.


Retainers are fitted once your teeth have been correctly aligned. It is used to “fix” the teeth in the position already determined by the treatment and prevents relapse of any treatment so that your teeth remain in a new position. There are two types of Retainers: Removable and Fixed. You will be given advice as to which type of retainer is going to be most suitable for you.

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Protective Sports Mouthguards

This is a type of plastic or rubber covering that protects teeth, gums and the mouth from any external physical damage. These devices are very useful for children either during or post-treatment, especially if the child plays contact sports. Custom made mouthguards can protect against concussion from any heavy blows.

Fluoride Treatments

We recommend this treatment to those patients that may have a high susceptibility to dental decay. It is a preventative treatment using a fluoride gel that covers the outer surface of the teeth. It forms a barrier to infection.

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