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The results of your orthodontic treatment depend on your body’s biological response and therefore it can’t be rushed or hurried. Active treatment usually takes one to two years to conclude. What can you do to ensure that your treatment is completed not only successfully, but also in the shortest possible time?

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Listen to advice

Well, the first thing you should do is to listen carefully to the advice of your orthodontist and nurse when your braces are fitted, and at every appointment thereafter. Read any written advice given to you; as well as the brace care advice.

Know what to expect

You need to know what normal troubles to expect during the first few days of having your braces. After those first few days, your braces will become comfortable, and most of the time you will forget you are wearing them.

Watch what you eat

Avoid certain foods and drinks such as sticky, chewy or hard sweets, chewing gum, and fizzy drinks. Try not to bite into hard food directly with your front teeth (e.g. crusty bread, ribs).

Stop bad habits

Certain habits can damage your teeth as well as your braces, and put the success of your treatment at risk. These include finger or thumb-sucking, tongue-thrusting, nail-biting, pen and pencil-chewing, ‘clicking’ removable braces in and out, and touching or picking at your fixed braces.

Keep excellent oral hygiene

Keep your teeth clean using the toothbrushes we provide free of charge. Take your time when brushing, brush over your gum margins and make sure you have covered every surface of every tooth. Use the fluoride treatment we provide regularly. Ideally, you need to brush after every meal. Poor oral hygiene will cause gum disease, tooth decay, and leave permanent stains on your teeth.

Cooperate with instructions

Wear your removable braces, elastics or headgear as advised. You are effectively carrying out your own orthodontic treatment by wearing these, and no progress will be made if your orthodontist’s instructions are not followed. If you forget what you have been advised, ask!

Keep your appointments

Attending regular appointments means that your braces are adjusted as soon as they are ready to be adjusted, and this way your treatment will progress smoothly and rapidly. This also allows your orthodontist to detect any potential problems and prevent them before it’s too late. Please contact us if you are unable to keep an appointment so that a new appointment time can be found for you without any delay, and without jeopardising the quality of your treatment.

Tell us about your problems

Let us know if anything goes wrong, especially if your brace is lost or damaged and you can’t wear it. We will advise you what to do and whether you need to make an emergency appointment.

Visit your regular dentist

Regardless of the type of brace you are wearing, you must always see your regular dentist for six-monthly check-ups.

So if you want your braces off as soon as possible, stay positive, and follow our advice. Your commitment to orthodontic treatment will be a small price to pay to get that perfect smile!

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