Do Braces Hurt?

Clinical research and technological developments have revolutionised orthodontic treatments over the past 20 years. Many of the improvements seen in orthodontics have been aimed at making treatment simpler, comfortable stress-free and cost-effective; with long-lasting and excellent outcomes. Indeed, this has led to the increased popularity of teeth straightening treatments for adults too.

Skilled Specialist Orthodontists

You should know that there would be no pain or discomfort on fitting or removing any type of orthodontic treatment. We use no needles or sharp instruments during the procedures. Also, our specialist orthodontists are highly trained and very skilled and so there is less likelihood for any discomfort during the appointments.
Removable braces simply clip onto or cover the teeth; and fixed braces are glued to the teeth.

Teeth adjusting to treatment

After braces have been fitted there may be some discomfort or feeling of “tightness” on the teeth. This is quite normal and will subside after a few days of wear. It is simply due to the fact that your teeth will have gente pressure on them.

On occasion you may experience other symptoms that tends to vary in intensity from person to person. This may include teeth feeling slightly loose or sore or even tender to biting pressure. These symptoms should subside after the first few days. If you do experience this then you can take mild painkillers as you would for a headache. If symptoms persist then you will need to contact the practice for additional advice and support.

Parts of the brace may sometimes rub on the lips, cheeks or tongue. Patients are supplied with orthodontic wax, and if any part of the brace is rubbing against the lips or cheeks, a small piece of wax could be moulded over the troublesome component of the brace to act as a cushion.

You may also find that you will have increased saliva flow or your speech may change a little temporarily in the beginning. All these situations are normal and will go back to the way they used to be once your mouth becomes adjusted to the new braces. After those first few days of orthodontic treatment, braces become comfortable to wear, and most of the time patients forget that they even have them on their teeth.

Considered Treatment Planning

We are conscientious to take advantage of the latest technological advances to help make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Hence, right from the start Dr Sarah Good and Dr Pourghadiri will select the most comfortable and gentle treatment components and advanced clinical techniques such as miniature braces and state-of-the-art wire technology during their Treatment Planning, to ensure that very light pressure is always applied to the teeth thus minimizing any potential discomfort for you.

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