How do braces work?

All orthodontic appliances are first designed based upon the required outcome. There are several considerations to be made:

Then constant and gentle pressure is applied to move teeth into a new position. Braces are continuously at work throughout treatment.

How tooth movement occurs

As the components of braces put constant gentle pressure on the teeth, specialized bone cells in the jawbone remove the bone in the direction of the movement and lay down new bone in the spaces left by the tooth behind it. This way the teeth “move” with their full support structures still in place. It is important that the pressure applied is gently and not too intense to allow for adequate “bone remodeling” as this adding and removing of bone is called.

The teeth travel through bone in response to light continuous pressure. This is a biological process which takes time and it cannot be hurried. Everyone has a different biological response time, and treatment times may vary in different individuals. It is also dependent upon which particular teeth straightening system is applicable.

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