What Happens at My First Visit?

Your first visit is an important one because it will give you the opportunity to tell us about your expectations or concerns, ask questions, and fully understand the possibilities of orthodontic treatment available to you.

Your orthodontist will carry out a thorough examination of the face, the jaws and the teeth. This is usually followed by radiographs (X-ray examination) and impressions (moulds) of the teeth. These records will help your orthodontist diagnose the underlying problems with your bite correctly, and formulate a suitable treatment plan which aims to straighten your teeth perfectly, improve your bite and give you an attractive smile.

A primary purpose of the first visit appointment is to listen and understand your views and concerns about your bite and dental/facial appearance, and to assess what results you hope for from any orthodontic treatment. It will generally be a preliminary chat to get to know you, and to talk about your orthodontic problems and how orthodontic treatment can help you.

For more information on your first visit please see: Treatment Decisions

You may be invited to make another appointment after the examination appointment, in which we will discuss your orthodontic problems and customised treatment plan in detail.

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