Injuries from Appliances

There are multiple types of orthodontic appliances or braces that are used in a variety of orthodontic treatments. There may always be a risk of injury when you have either removable or fixed appliances stuck to your teeth. It is important to follow the advice given to you so as not to affect the treatment or cause injury in accidents. In order to avoid the undesirable consequences it is important to understand possible potential injuries.

If you were to have an accidental blow to your mouthpart, you may suffer an injury like a scratch or cut to the inside of your lips or cheeks since the braces cover the outside surfaces of the teeth. Hence, be sure to wear a mouthguard when taking part in sports or physical activity.

If you experience any broken or loose components of the braces such as the wires or brackets, you should inform the practice. This is so that we can fix this situation to prevent any scratches or irritation to your cheeks, gums or lips.

If any brace or part of brace is damaged or you feel is not functioning properly, you must contact the practice so that it can be repaired or adjusted by the orthodontist.