Oral Hygiene, Gum Disease and Tooth Decay/Stains

Sometimes people are discouraged from getting the teeth and smile that they have always wanted, because they wrongly believe that orthodontic treatment leads to other problems.

People feel that they may experience issues like swelling of the gums; or that the treatment will leave discolourations and marks on their teeth or even damage the enamel of their teeth. None of these assumptions are true. It is important that you know that in the highly skilled and experienced hands of our specialist orthodontists this will not happen.
However, there are other extrinsic factors that may contribute to dental issues on both teeth and gums. This could be the result of poor oral hygiene as a consequence of hurried or insufficient brushing of the teeth. Also, a poor diet, sugary snacks and too many acidic drinks can damage the teeth.

This is particularly true when it comes to fixed braces. Failure to maintain excellent oral hygiene and a good healthy diet will cause gum disease and bleeding of the gums, tooth decay and marking/staining of the teeth around the brackets.

For this reason we recommend good oral hygiene habits and regular appointments to see the hygienists. Without these precautionary measures the oral bacteria can attack your teeth and gums causing further deterioration. We have Prevention & Maintenance Programs that you might find useful to help keep any infection at bay and to gain a fuller understanding of how diet affects teeth.