Coronavirus – Covid-19

Appointments at Elite Orthodontics

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In accordance with the advice from all dental governing bodieswe are obliged to keep the practice closed until further notice in order to protect our patients and our own teamALL appointments that were made before the crisis began have been cancelled.  

We will do our best to contact you as soon as we can when the practice re-opensDuring this time, please disregard any appointment or check-up or review reminders which you may receive by text or email. These are sent automatically by our IT system.  

We will endeavour to re-book all cancelled appointments as soon as we are able to return to the practice – depending on availability of human resources. In line with the guidelines of our regulatory bodies and like all dental practices, when the restrictions are lifted, we will need to implement a careful phased re-opening of the practice. Initially, this would mean longer appointments and longer intervals between patients to allow meticulous cross infection control procedures; thus fewer patients will be seen every day; and we would need to prioritise patients who are currently having active orthodontic treatment and whose treatments have been interrupted by the crisis. It would mean a long process of getting back to normal, probably taking several months. 


The following contact details are only for existing patients of our practice (patients of Dr Mahmoud Pourghadiri or Dr Sarah Good), and they are provided for responding to any concerns, for clinical advice, or for any emergencies. In the first instance, please contact us by email on 

For more urgent clinical advice, and for orthodontic brace-related emergencies which cause unendurable discomfort, please contact (by text first): Mrs Kate Grist 07870 234513 


(For child patients of Weymouth Street Paediatric Dental Care, for essential clinical advice, and for general dental emergencies, guardians of patients of Dr Noushin Attari or Dr Maria Kalkanishould contact – by text first – Mrs Sharon Fitzsimmons on 07949 490880 ) 


In the meantime, please continue to refer to the COMMON QUESTIONS section of our website for brace AFTERCARE advice.  

By now, you should have received an email from your orthodontist to offer individual clinical advice. If for some reason you have not, and you are wearing retainers, removable braces, or elastics, please continue to wear them as your orthodontist or orthodontic therapist had advised at your last appointment – or contact us for advice as detailed above. With all braces it is important to follow advice on good dietary habits and meticulous oral and brace hygiene. With fixed braces please avoid biting into hard objects, hard foods, or sticky chewy sweets.  

Once appointments are re-instated, please do not attend the practice for yourself, or as an accompanying person, if you think that either you yourself are particularly vulnerable, or if you feel that you may be in a situation where you might pass on the virus to others. 

We wish all our patients and their families excellent health, and we look forward to the time when we can meet again.