Coronavirus – Covid-19

For any concerns, for clinical advice, for any emergencies, or enquiries by any new patients seeking orthodontic treatment please feel free to contact us by email on

For routine appointments, we will contact you directly based on our phased return to work and our assessment of clinical need.



33 Weymouth Street, London W1G 7BY

020 7580 5370


We are pleased to announce that our specialist orthodontic practice has now re-opened. In doing so, we are still adhering to the most recent guidelines of all of UK’s regulatory bodies; and our staff here have worked extremely hard indeed to ensure that the safety of our patients, their families, and our own hard-working team remains our main objective. We would be grateful if you could read all of the following carefully and take everything into consideration.

When we re-open, things will not be the same, and new measures and protocols would mean a different working pattern for the practice for the foreseeable future. Just some of these measures are:


This new way of seeing patients is aimed at protecting the health of all concerned; but the new protocols would inevitably mean that we will not be able to see as many patients per day as we did previously, thus drastically reducing our capacity and protracting the whole journey back to normal. Patients with braces and particularly those with fixed braces would have to be given priority (unless something to do with their treatment could produce dust or aerosols). This all depends on manpower of course, and all the team remaining healthy and able to attend work – and on ongoing official advice of the authorities.


So far, we have been ‘open’ principally for telephone triage and advice, and remote consultation and prescriptions only. The new normal is going to be a very difficult and arduous balancing act, no doubt testing the patience of some of patients or their guardians, because the mandatory restrictions and limits on patient numbers would mean that we will not be able to get through our huge backlog of cases (i.e. ALL our patients!) at an optimal pace. At this challenging time, we thank you for your patience and understanding; apologise in advance for any inconvenience; and ask that you kindly respect our clinical decision-making, and cooperate and remain flexible when it comes to reinstating your appointments. We will do our best, and see as many patients as is safe each day.


For routine appointments, we will contact you directly based on our phased return to work and our assessment of clinical need. Please do not attend the practice if you think you are in a vulnerable health category; or you have an active Coronavirus infection; or have recently come into contact with someone who has had, or may have had Covid-19.


We wish you the very best of health, and look forward to seeing all our patients as soon as possible. We can’t wait to get back to work!


Best regards


Dr Mahmoud Pourghadiri




Dr Sarah Good