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Full orthodontic examination and preliminary discussion £160
With X-rays £210
With X-rays and study models £270
With X-rays, study models and separate discussion appointment and/or report £370

For patients who only require an opinion or treatment plan (to be sent to another orthodontist or themselves) and do not wish to undergo treatment at this practice, consultation fees as above, plus

Report £200

Treatment fees vary depending on the type of treatment, complexity of treatment, duration of treatment, number of appliances used, type of appliances and other factors. Therefore the exact fee can only be quoted by the orthodontist at the time of consultation. The following figures are provided as a guide. The consultation fee is usually deducted from the overall treatment fee.

The fees that we quote are all-inclusive with no hidden extras: they cover all active appliances, the treatment, the visits, dental hygiene supplies, and even the retainers and the supervision and maintenance of retainers for up to 12 months following the completion of active treatment. Normally, about ⅓ of the total treatment fee is payable upon commencement of treatment, and the balance can be paid over the treatment by setting up a monthly standing order.

Treatment Fees

Upper or lower
removable appliances only
£1150 – £2080
Functional appliance only £2990
Involving a fixed appliance – one arch £2890 – £4810
Involving fixed appliances – both arches £3950 – £8830
Invisalign – one arch £3850 – £5650
Invisalign – both arches £7170 – £7925
Lingual appliance
(braces inside the teeth) – one arch
£3120 – £6320
Lingual appliance
(braces inside the teeth) – both arches
£7890 – £11075

Sometimes essential additional procedures (e.g. extractions, implants, surgery) performed by other specialists will be required to successfully complete orthodontic treatment. Such procedures will be charged separately by the relevant specialist. Fees for patients who have started treatment elsewhere but would like to continue their treatment here (transfer cases) will be calculated as a proportion of the above fees, based on an estimate of the remaining treatment duration and the amount of work involved.

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