Current braces did not work

Have you already had braces but are unhappy about the result? Do you feel that your previous orthodontic treatment has not worked? Perhaps you had braces as a child and now your teeth have moved out of alignment again? Are you having orthodontic treatment now but are not very happy about how things are going?

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At Elite Orthodontics we encounter patients who are in these situations all the time. We take our time to listen to your worries or concerns and do our best to come up with solutions that suits you and your lifestyle. We know how important it is to achieve a satisfactory final treatment outcome for our patients; and how crucial it is to avoid the need for any repeat future orthodontic treatment. With a wealth of experience and expertise, our goal is to use braces that are inconspicuous and are comfortable to wear; and devise treatment plans that bring about an optimal outcome in the shortest possible time and in a pain-free way. At Elite Orthodontics, as well as aiming to ensure excellent dental health and function, we want to ensure that you have a beautiful smile that gives you confidence in your appearance and you would want to show off.

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