Helping with Anxiety

As with any other treatment, there are various types of concerns that can arise when considering orthodontic treatment. There could be social anxiety or anxiety-related to the treatment process itself.

Social Anxiety

We understand that there can be a certain level of social anxiety that arises from either having or not having treatment. We would like to reassure you that we understand the various sensitivities that surround orthodontic treatment. For this reason we provide as much support as possible to provide treatment that is quick, efficient and effective.
Examples of these pressures could be:

Treatment Anxiety

This incorporates concerns people feel about the treatment or fears of potential discomfort from the orthodontic braces.

The many aspects in which we provide support and reassurance includes:

Your Orthodontic Consultation

We will be able to discuss at length any concerns that you may have. We can reassure you of all your anxieties and fears at this early stage before we begin any treatment. We will talk you through everything you should expect from the treatment and after it.

Considered Treatment Planning

We take advantage of the latest technological advances conscientiously so as to help make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Hence, right from the start of the treatment Dr Sarah Good and Dr Pourghadiri will select the most comfortable and gentle treatment components during their Treatment Planning, to ensure that very light pressure is always applied to the teeth minimizing any potential discomfort. For example, they use the latest miniature orthodontic braces, advanced clinical techniques and state-of-the-art wire technology.

You will also be able to contact us at any time should you need to.

We want your Patient Experience and Journey to be excellent and hence would like to reassure you of our best attention at all times.