Multifaceted approach

Specialists in Interdisciplinary Management

The Orthodontists at Elite are specialists in Interdisciplinary Management of patients. Interdisciplinary Management allows different specialties of medicine and dentistry to come together in a way that provides the most optimal solutions for treatment.

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Multifaceted Approach to Complex Cases

We have found that sometimes a patient requires a little bit more than simple straightforward teeth straightening treatment. Due to the complexity of their case, on occasion a patient may need the additional help of another specialty or field of dentistry. This is when Interdisciplinary Management helps to create a multifaceted approach. This provides better solutions that are more long term and actually deals with the issues at hand in a more holistic and comprehensive way.

It involves working very closely with various specialist and expert teams such as Restorative Dentists, Paediatric Specialists, Maxillo-Facial Surgeons, Speech Therapists and Plastic Surgeons. Your Specialist Orthodontist at Elite Orthodontics will be the main person that creates the Treatment Plan and will then “project manage” your mouth to allow all the various specialties to work cohesively on their specific aspect of the Treatment Plan.

Steps in Interdisciplinary Management:

1. Consultation.
We work hard to understand exactly what it is our patients’ (and their parents’ if they are a youngster) best interests; and what they wish to achieve from their consultation and from their treatment.
2. Examination & Assessment.
Our Specialist Orthodontists examine and record all aspects of the existing condition of your bite in detail and note anything that may not be normal or ideal. This is then explained to you in a clear manner so that you could make informed decisions about treatments that are offered to treat existing issues or to prevent future ones from developing.
3. Customised Treatment Planning.
We give our patients our expert opinion on the different options available to them, from the simple to the most comprehensive. We provide clarity around each choice and so enable them to make a choice that suits them, their clinical needs and their life style. We appreciate that our patients want to understand how much time they would need to invest in treatment, any effects of treatment on their lifestyle and the financial details of each option. If there are options available to them on the NHS, we make those options clear too.

4. Interdisciplinary Management
According to your specific needs, your Orthodontist will talk to you about what specialties or fields of dentistry can help you further. Once you have decided which choices are best for you, the orthodontic team will coordinate the different experts to form part of your overall Treatment Plan.

5. Treatment
You will have the treatment carried out by the different specialists and experts according to your plan and decisions.

6. Treatment Review
Your Specialist Orthodontist will review your treatment on a regular basis to make sure everything is going according to plan.

7. Completion of Treatment & Post-Treatment Reviews
Once the solution to your orthodontic problem has been implemented, the whole team will evaluate the outcome and address any remaining concerns.

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