New Patient Journey

Patient Experience and Journey

Established in 1973, we have gained a vast amount of experience and are dedicated to providing patients with what they are looking for.

We understand that each of our patients may have different needs and expectations. Hence, we tailor the experience to fulfil their specific requirements.

Trust is crucial in this respect. Our reputation is an essential aspect of our returning patients and referrals.

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Tailored Experience

We are committed to providing an excellent experience. Hence, the whole experience each patient has is tailored to exceed his or her expectations.

We ensure that you are able to achieve your dental goals with us in a time-sensitive and personalized manner.

Many of our patients are professionals or busy people and their time is very important.

We are careful to be respectful of this time and ensure our treatments are efficient and effective.

Luxury Patient Experience

We ensure that all of our services, from the moment you arrive in the practice, to booking appointments, clinical treatment, and advice following treatment is the very best that we can offer.

Your appointments are scheduled with generous time slots to enable you all the time you feel you need, and to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Holistic Dental Care

We are here to provide a holistic approach to dental care and so have integrated health & prevention programs, together with anxiety management protocols and also interdisciplinary treatment planning into all our processes.


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Treatment Decisions


Customized Treatment Planning


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