Treatment Decisions

At Elite Orthodontics, we want to help you to make the best treatment decisions for you and to find the most appropriate way forward. We want the choices you make to fit in with your specific needs and also your lifestyle so that you are comfortable throughout the treatment.

We have found that this can be done to a high level by a process that allows correct communication of all the factors that are involved in and affect your decision-making. Thereafter you will be able to make better and more informed decisions for you or your child.

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We want to give you the opportunity to fully understand all the advantages and disadvantages of the various options applicable to you. We also would like the chance to get to know what your specific set of requirements are; so that during our Treatment Planning Process we can integrate smoothly what you are trying to achieve and how with the advice we provide.

The stages of making treatment decisions:

1. An Orthodontic Consultation

This consists of an in depth discussion regarding yours or your child’s situation and your particular goals for the orthodontic treatment.

2. A Comprehensive Examination

This is a detailed assessment with various diagnostics including radiographs (x-rays) to help understand exactly the foundation of our patient’s mouth and the dental disabilities.

3. Customised Treatment Plan

This is when our Specialist Orthodontist will put all the information together and create some viable solutions and choices for your.

On many occasions, the Consultation, the Examination and the Treatment Planning are all done on the same appointment.

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