Customised Treatment Plan

At Elite Orthodontics, we believe in personalized treatment plans for each of our patients. It is based upon the patient’s unique set of circumstances, needs and requirements for their particular case.

After we have gathered all the information in the Orthodontic Consultation and Examination, we then put everything into a workable plan of action. You may need another appointment if there is a lot of information for the Specialist Orthodontist to consider.

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So then, we will have another discussion as you the choices that are viable and available to you. We will look at all the advantages and disadvantages of progressing with the various treatment options.

Once you have chosen the ones you like we will create a Treatment Plan that facilitates your lifestyle as well as your needs.

If we need to bring on other specialists and experts to make the treatment possible, then we are happy to organize this interdisciplinary management of the Treatment Plan.

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