Lingual Braces/Hidden Braces

This brace system looks very similar to Fixed Braces but they are fitted to the inside surfaces of your teeth.

Although Lingual braces are made of metal, they are completely invisible to any onlookers – giving them the name of  “hidden brace.”

They provide a great solution for those that are looking for a more inconspicuous type of brace.

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Lingual braces tend to cost slightly more than the traditional systems.

This is because they are custom-made for each specific patient’s tooth and are specifically designed to act in a way that is personalised for each tooth.

They also require a special set of instruments that facilitate the best results. Lastly, they also require a specially trained orthodontist and team.

What are the drawbacks?

Since this type of brace system is on the inside of the teeth it may be quite intrusive for some people especially when talking and swallowing.

For this reason, this system is quite case-specific. Your orthodontist will decide whether this system is right for you.

If you are interested in lingual braces, please speak to your Specialist Dr. Pourghadiri or Dr. Good during your Orthodontic Consultation, who will then advise you as to your suitability and the best way forward for you.

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