Clear Removable Aligners/ Invisalign

Popular choice

This option is fast becoming popular due to its inconspicuous nature. This type of teeth straightening system is invisible to any onlookers. There are many brands on the market but the most popular is still be Invisalign.

These aligners are made of clear colourless plastic and they fit over teeth like a gum shield. There are no wires involved.

Your new smile will have been pre-designed and pre-planned as to where each tooth should be positioned. You are then given a sequence of aligners to wear at pre-prescribed intervals. Each aligner has been specifically designed to move the teeth in a methodical and step-wise manner to ultimately achieve the desired result.

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You will need to wear this appliance most of the time and only take it out to clean or eat.

This is one option for teeth straightening but if more complex movements or bite corrections are needed then you may be advised alternative options.

Clear aligners such as Invisalign

Clear aligners such as Invisalign look like small lightweight gum-shields that are made of a colourless thin plastic material. They used to be made from impressions of the teeth; but here at Elite Orthodontics, we use the latest scanning technology to record the teeth.

The scans are transmitted to Invisalign’s North America labs immediately, and they use the scans to create a virtual treatment plan for correct movement of teeth into an ideal arrangement. Once this Invisalign treatment plan is checked and approved by our orthodontists, a series of aligners are manufactured and sent over to us.

These aligners are worn almost full time over the treatment period, each one bringing about a minor change to the bite until gradually the treatment goal is achieved.

No wires involved

There are no wires involved, and the aligners are completely removable. The great thing about this type of brace is that it is almost invisible; so they are great to use in the right type of orthodontic case. There are other benefits too: you can remove Invisalign for eating and for flossing or toothbrushing, and of course for very important social occasions!

Many of our patients who use Invisalign have commented that their friends and colleagues have not noticed that they are wearing orthodontic appliances, and you could go through a whole course of orthodontic treatment without most people noticing.

Although it is argued that Invisalign is not suitable for all cases and that still many cases need to be treated with fixed braces, it can also be argued that Invisalign is a better (or even only) type of appliance compared to fixed braces in a number of different situations.

Invisalign is ideal for more mature patients who desire to go through orthodontic treatment discreetly; and especially beneficial for people who have previously had orthodontic treatment with fixed braces, but that for one reason or another their teeth have moved again.

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