Clear Removable Aligners/ Invisalign

This option is fast becoming popular due to its inconspicuous nature. This type of teeth straightening system is invisible to any onlookers. There are many brands on the market but the most popular is still be Invisalign.

These aligners are made of clear colourless plastic and they fit over teeth like a gum shield. There are no wires involved.

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Your new smile will have been pre-designed and pre-planned as to where each tooth should be positioned. You are then given a sequence of aligners to wear at pre-prescribed intervals. Each aligner has been specifically designed to move the teeth in a methodical and step-wise manner to ultimately achieve the desired result.

You will need to wear this appliance most of the time and only take it out to clean or eat.

This is one option for teeth straightening but if more complex movements or bite corrections are needed then you may be advised alternative options.

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