Stainless Steel Fixed Braces

Stainless Steel Fixed Braces

Fixed braces remain the most common type of orthodontic brace.

Many patients require fixed braces (“train tracks”) in order to deal with their teeth issues and achieve the best possible improvement of their smile.

Small precisely designed buttons called brackets are stuck/bonded to each tooth.

The brackets are then connected to each other using a thin wire, called an archwire. The wire is held in place with small elastic rings called modules, or with very thin wires called ligatures.

The wires are adjusted at regular intervals to straighten the teeth and correct the bite.

With fixed braces, there is no plastic in the roof of the mouth.

This means speech is unaffected and the flavour of food can be enjoyed fully. As the appliance cannot be removed, it acts full-time, and so it is one of the most effective treatments.

Fixed braces, by definition, cannot be removed by the patient. The simplest way to think of each bracket is as a handle with which it is possible to control each tooth individually and precisely.

The brackets are highly sophisticated as every tooth has its own bracket design engineered to achieve the correct position and angle of axis.

Patient Journey

During the early part of treatment, a thin archwire is fitted to link up all the brackets.

Because the teeth are irregular, the wire has to bend up and down or in and out between the teeth. This is the clever bit: the wire, a bi-product of NASA research, has perfect shape memory and will gradually return to its original shape, bringing the teeth with it.

As treatment progresses, stiffer wires are fitted and these act as a monorail. At this time, tiny springs and elastics guide the teeth.

Different types of fixed brace

There are different types of fixed brace, and we offer many types in our practice at Elite Orthodontics.

Stainless steel fixed braces have brackets that are made of strong metal.

Modern stainless steel brackets are quite small, and they cover a relatively smaller area of each tooth, making braces more attractive than they used to be. Patients often comment on how small they look.

Stainless steel braces are more popular than you might assume, especially with young people who are keen to show off their braces! These braces are very practical and extremely reliable.

Main advantages of stainless steel braces

The main advantages of stainless steel braces are that they provide excellent results while being relatively fast-acting.

They are also much easier to keep clean compared to ceramic brackets because plaque doesn’t stick to their shiny polished surfaces as readily and is brushed off easily.

Coloured modules can be used to hold the archwire in place, and they come in a multitude of colours to make wearing braces more fun.

These colours can be changed at every appointment, and you can go back to having no colours whenever you wish.

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