Orthognathic treatment

This is treatment is also called Orthognathic Surgery or Corrective Jaw surgery. It is often carried out and performed by a Maxillofacial surgeon.

Orthognathic treatment is sometimes advised in cases that involve the need for correct alignment of the jaws. In these cases the patient will need to be referred to a maxillofacial surgeon. We have many connections with excellent surgeons who can provide these corrective procedures.

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It is important to understand that compromised dental and facial discrepancies can affect the individual psychologically, emotionally and physically. Hence, in some people, corrective surgical treatments become an important consideration.

Treatments may be required for any of the following circumstances:

If Orthognathic surgery is required you may need orthodontic treatment before and/or after the surgery to provide the best possible teeth fit as well as facial profile.

Our specialist orthodontists will analyze and study your teeth and jaws at the examination stage. We will talk to you about your Treatment Decisions. You will be advised of Orthognathic surgery if they feel you would benefit from this treatment.

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