What is Two Phase Orthodontics

Two Phase Orthodontics:

This is a great management program that ensures correct alignment, aesthetics and functioning of teeth and jaws for a child’s future. We have achieved much success with this approach to orthodontics.

Leaving treatment too Late

Many times, when patients come to seek out orthodontic treatment they have left the timing of their child’s treatment too late. They think that orthodontic treatment usually occurs once the child has all their adult teeth and when all the baby teeth have all fallen out. In many instances this may be correct but in some it isn’t.

Leaving treatment or orthodontic intervention to a later stage often creates complexities in the Treatment Plan that can be avoided. We may have to either prolong the treatment or introduce more multifactorial complex treatments. This is something we can avoid if we see the patient at an earlier stage in their development.

Therefore to eliminate unnecessary prolonged treatments we have introduced a concept that helps us to intervene with treatment at the appropriate stage and timing. This is called Two Phase Orthodontics. It is an approach that we recommend in order to gain the best out of Your child’s orthodontic care.

The main advantages of Two Phase Orthodontics:

Your child’s first Appointment

We recommend that your child has their first examination appointment with us whilst the child is still growing around the age of 8. Apart from the advantages already mentioned, this also helps the child to become familiar with our team and the environment before we actively do any treatment.

It is easier to intervene with orthodontic treatment before the jaw bones have completed their growth.

On this first appointment we will examine and take appropriate and accurate measurements to establish the correct Treatment Plan.

The treatment required for Phase One will be established after this appointment. It will include any review appointments to monitor the growth of the jaws and dentition. After the Rest Period a new Treatment Plan will be created depending upon the growth and development of the child. The new Treatment Plan for Phase Two will depend upon the development of the bite during the intervening period.

Stages to Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment:

1. Phase One – Prevention
2. Rest Period – Growth & Development
3. Phase Two – Correct Alignment