Fixed Braces

This is the most popular type of orthodontic treatment – also commonly known as “train tracks.”

Fixed braces are one of the best effective treatments for misaligned teeth, and help you achieve that perfect smile.

A fixed brace consists of various components that are all connected and work together to ensure the teeth move at the desired speed, and develop into the desired smile.

The exact process of motion will have been pre-planned to create the perfect alignment of teeth.

You will be involved in this process during your initial consultation, and therefore have the chance to communicate to your orthodontist your personal desires regarding your smile.

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Molar Bands


Regular Appointments

Regular appointments are needed so that the wires can be adjusted at specific intervals to slowly re-align the teeth and correct the bite.

Main benefits of a fixed brace:

There are now many variations of braces on the market, along with the options we provide.

At Elite Orthodontists we offer many other teeth correcting treatments too including:

Your orthodontist will discuss the best options with you during your consultation.

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