Fixed Braces

This is the most common type of orthodontic treatment – also commonly known as “train tracks” by younger patients!

Fixed braces are one of the best effective treatments for misaligned teeth, and help you achieve that perfect smile

Fixed braces have two main components: the brackets that are glued to your teeth and the main archwire that connects them.

Each bracket is precisely engineered and shaped to customise the movements for each tooth. Brackets could be made of steel (silver) or ceramic (tooth-coloured). They can go on the outside of the teeth, or they can be fitted on the inside (lingual braces).

The archwire is a thin wire that threads through each bracket and connects a tooth to the wire. The archwire is a bi-product of NASA research and has perfect shape memory. For this reason, the wire then pulls or pushes the teeth into the correct alignment and proper position.

The brackets need to be positioned in a precise and intricate manner by the orthodontist as this can affect the dynamics of each tooth movement. When braces are first placed, the teeth are all irregular and crooked, and the archwire thus follows the ins and outs and ups and downs of the tooth positions. However, as the wire gently and slowly straightens out due to its shape memory, the teeth begin to follow the archwire’s return to a perfect arch shape and become aligned.

You will be involved in the process of planning your treatment during your initial consultation, and therefore have the chance to communicate to your orthodontist your personal desires regarding your smile.

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Regular Appointments

Regular appointments are needed so that the wires can be adjusted at specific intervals to slowly re-align the teeth and correct the bite.

Main benefits of a fixed brace:

There are now many variations of braces available including ceramic tooth-coloured ones – along with all the other options we provide at Elite Orthodontics.

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Your orthodontist will discuss the best options with you during your consultation.

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