Helping with Anxiety

As with any other dental treatment, there are concerns that can arise when considering orthodontic treatment. There could be social anxiety or anxiety related to the treatment process itself. We strive to provide as much support as possible to our patients before and during the treatment process; and it is our aim to provide therapies that are discreet, fast and effective.

Social Anxiety

We appreciate that there can be a certain level of social anxiety and sensitivity that could result from either having or not having orthodontics. For example:

At Elite Orthodontics, all of these issues are borne in mind.

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Treatment Anxiety

This relates to the treatment itself or fears of potential discomfort from the orthodontic braces. The many aspects in which we provide support and reassurance include:

Your Orthodontic Consultation

We will be able to discuss at length any concerns that you may have. We can reassure you of all your anxieties and fears at this early stage before we begin any treatment. We will talk you through everything you should expect from the treatment and after it.

We take all your concerns and worries into consideration as we really want your experience and journey to be a happy one!

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