Protruding Teeth

Protrusion of upper front teeth or an overjet could be either due to the forward angle or inclination of these teeth, or due to the fact the lower jaw is set back or recedes in relation to the upper jaw. You could also get protrusion of lower teeth or an underbite.

Here at Elite Orthodontics we recognise that protrusion of teeth could be a rather embarrassing issue for a lot of people; it affects their confidence about their smiles and stops them from showing their teeth when smiling in public or in photographs. We are also familiar with the fact that many children are teased at school because of their protruding teeth, and this can affect their self-esteem adversely.

Specialist Orthodontist Based in London

Fortunately, our specialist orthodontists at Elite Orthodontics treat many cases of protruding teeth on a daily basis and are experts at correcting this problem using comfortable and painless treatment strategies. In rare cases we may need the help of our surgeon colleagues for an ideal correction.

We make sure that the most appropriate treatment options are presented to you and that these suit your tastes and preferences. Our goal at Elite Orthodontics is to give our patients life-lasting beautiful smiles that make them happy and self-assured. Contact us for more information.