Second Opinions and Joint Consultations

Since there are multiple treatments available and various ways of moving forward on complex cases, often patients require advice from more than one specialist.

At Elite Orthodontics we strive to recognize such situations early so as to make the process easier for you. After, your examination, we can provide you with a bespoke Treatment Plan which addresses your exact requirements of the treatment while incorporating an interdisciplinary approach to your care.

We believe in comprehensive treatment planning with a holistic approach that is cohesive with your goals for your teeth and smile.

Joint Consultations

For patients that require an additional opinion from a different specialist such as a paediatric dentist, we are able to facilitate this in joint consultation. This way you save time by minimizing on double appointments and you are able to clarify your decisions in the one appointment. Many of our patients have found this very useful.

Second Opinions

For those patients that require advice from another source, we are also able to coordinate this effort. So we can organize a second opinion consultation with those who are considering combined surgical and orthodontic treatment plans.

We can arrange a second opinion consultation with other orthodontic specialists if we or you feel that you should hear alternative views on the management of your case.

Coordinated Treatment Planning

We can also have treatment planning meetings with local specialist dentists to plan restorative care or any other type of dentistry that may be required.

On occasion, you may need to have more complex work done in your mouth prior to or at the same time as any orthodontic care. This may require an appointment at a specific hospital with a specific consultant. Thanks to our strong ties with many hospitals and various departments we are able to facilitate this coordinated planning.