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What are separators?

Separators are tiny elastic rings which are fitted between the back teeth. They are usually blue in colour. They are only used in some orthodontic cases.

What do separators do?

Separators create very small spaces between the back teeth to enable orthodontic bands (which are small metal rings) to be fitted around the teeth a few days later. With a little space between the teeth, there is no need to force the orthodontic bands between the teeth, and this can be done much more comfortably and without any pain.

Do they hurt?

Once fitted, separators feel rather like a small piece of food caught between the teeth. In this way, that can be a little annoying for the first day or two; and even make the teeth slightly sore and tender to bite on. After the first couple of days, you will get used to them, and they will not be uncomfortable.

Do I have to do anything?

Do not pull out your separators. You will get used to them after the first day or two. If you remove your separators, it may not be possible to fit your bands, or it may hurt a little doing so.

Brush and eat as normal; but try and avoid very sticky food like toffees.

What if they fall out?

Don’t worry. This usually means that separators have done their job of creating little spaces between the teeth. If this happens, throw them away. In the unlikely event that you swallow one, don’t worry; they are completely safe and should pass through.

Normally, you do not have to contact the practice if your separators fall out, unless advised otherwise by your orthodontist. Just keep your next scheduled appointment. If in doubt, always contact us for advice

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