Reducing the Chance of Damage to Prominent Teeth

Improving the cosmetics of your child’s smile is not the only goal of orthodontics. It has been shown statistically that in children upper teeth which protrude or are prominent are more likely to be damaged due to a knock or a fall.

Here at Elite Orthodontics, we are very keen to recommend ways of avoiding such trauma to prominent front teeth, because when front teeth are damaged, they could either be lost or require many years of complex dentistry and care and maintenance, and the costs for this could be enormous.

We can design removable braces that reduce the prominence of protruding teeth significantly while your child is still growing. This can be done as part of their comprehensive orthodontic treatment in adolescence, or more ideally when they are around 7-9 years old to minimise the risk of damage to the front teeth.

Reducing damage to Prominent teeth

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Children get used to such braces very quickly, and for a relatively small investment you could avoid a lot of hurt and anguish for your child, and have the prominence of the teeth reduced comfortably and in a relatively short time. Find out more about Children’s Orthodontics.

Of course, this kind of treatment will have additional functional (bite) and cosmetic benefits, and it will enhance a child’s self-esteem in the years before they become ready for comprehensive treatment with fixed braces.

Please book a no-obligation consultation appointment with one of our specialist orthodontists here at Elite orthodontics to learn how modern orthodontics can help with the problem of prominent front teeth. Alternatively, read our blog on why braces are used to learn how else braces can benefit your smile and oral health.. Contact us today for more information.