Stainless Steel Fixed Braces

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Fixed metal braces remain the most common type of orthodontic brace.

This is the most common type of orthodontic treatment – also commonly known as “train tracks” by younger patients! See also: Fixed Braces.

In this particular system of fixed braces, the brackets are made of a sturdy easily-cleansable stainless steel material. Metal braces offer the greatest degree of precision in orthodontics. There are different types of fixed brace, and we offer many types in our practice at Elite Orthodontics. Modern stainless steel brackets are quite small, and they cover a relatively smaller area of each tooth, making braces more attractive than they used to be. Patients often comment on how small they look.

Stainless steel braces are more popular than you might assume. These braces are very practical and extremely reliable. They are specially with young people who are keen to show off their braces, and who often decorate their braces with colours! These colours can be changed at every appointment, and you can go back to having no colours whenever you wish. See also: Coloured Braces.

Main benefits of a fixed brace:

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