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Dr Mahmoud Pourghadiri and Dr Sarah Good are specialist orthodontists dedicated to providing their patients with the highest quality of care in friendly and state-of-the-art surroundings in the centre of London.  We often treat complex cases many other London dentists refer to us.

We strive to use our higher qualifications and specialist orthodontic training to provide expert care and amazing results for our patients. We promise to help our patients achieve their goals of healthy straight teeth, beautiful smiles and enhanced self-esteem.

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Orthodontics London - Elite Orthodontics What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontists specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental treatment and dentofacial disabilities and abnormalities.

Orthodontic dentistry treats irregularities in teeth alignment; improves the functioning of the jaws and teeth and also enhances the cosmetic and aesthetic aspects of the smile.

The science of orthodontics is concerned with the genetic variation, development and growth of the facial tissues. We have a specialist understanding of how these factors influence the bite and alignment of the teeth, as well as the health of their associated structures and organs. Click here to learn more.

Specialist Orthodontist Treatments in London

At Elite Orthodontics London we offer professional consultant level skills throughout the treatment process – from the diagnosis and identification of dental abnormality to the final treatment procedure to improve the patient’s smile.

We are highly experienced in the design, application and control of a wide range of corrective appliances and braces including Invisalign, that can bring teeth, lips and jaws into proper alignment, at the same time attaining facial balance for a lifetime of a beautiful and healthy smile.

Second opinions: Since there are multiple treatments available and various ways of moving forward on complex cases, often patients require advice from more than one specialist and this is something we are happy to facilitate. Find out more about joint consultations here.

Cosmetic improvements in personal appearance have been associated with greater mental and physical well-being. Using our specialist skills, we can help you create a beautiful smile. This is a reliable way of improving not only the health of your teeth and gums but also your self-esteem. See the results.

Creating your ideal smile can help with increased confidence, improved chances of greater social and career success, as well as improving one’s general attitude toward life. See Why Consult A Specialist Orthodontist.


Straighter teeth not only look good but they are also easier to clean and look after than crooked misaligned teeth, thus adding to the longevity of your dentition.

If left untreated, most types of misalignment of teeth could lead to an improper bite, tooth wear, tooth injury and even tooth decay and gum disease. Crooked teeth could also lead to a decrease in one’s personal self-confidence.

Treatment by an orthodontist to correct the original problem is often less costly than the additional dental care required to treat more serious problems that can develop in later years.

In many cases, your orthodontist will need an opportunity for a careful and meticulous study of your mouth in order to arrive at a considered decision regarding your treatment plan.

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Please contact Elite Orthodontics London W1 to discuss your specific needs or book an appointment at our practice. Alternatively telephone 020 7580 5370.

Private Orthodontist in Central London

The advantages of seeing a specialist orthodontist rather than a general dentist

  1. Specialist orthodontists have more extensive experience from the outset as they are required to treat many orthodontic cases as part of their training.
  2. We don’t just straighten teeth; they can correct issues with your jaws and bite, ensuring your bite is comfortable and functional at the end of treatment.
  3. Specialist orthodontists are definitely value for money – the cost of braces is very similar to a general dentist, but orthodontists generally offer a higher quality of care and ‘finish’ and are more skilled and expert
  4. Elite can guarantee you a better chance of success, and remain responsible for the outcome of treatment without the need to refer you on to someone more qualified … they are already the most qualified London specialists in the field of orthodontics!
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