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Dr Mahmoud Pourghadiri, Dr Sarah Good and Dr Ashish Shahare specialist orthodontists committed to providing their patients with the highest quality of care in friendly and state-of-the-art surroundings in the centre of London.

Our aim is to make the most of our higher qualifications and specialist training in orthodontics to provide the expert care that gives our patients healthy straight teeth, beautiful smiles, optimal facial balance, and enhanced self-esteem.

It has been proven that improvements in personal appearance contribute to greater mental and physical well-being. Creating a beautiful smile through orthodontics is a reliable way of improving the health of your teeth as well as your self-esteem. In this way, orthodontic treatment can benefit social and career success, as well as improve one’s general attitude toward life.

If left untreated, crooked teeth could lead to an improper bite, tooth wear, tooth injury and even tooth decay and gum disease. Crooked teeth can also lead to a decrease in one’s personal self-confidence. Treatment by a specialist orthodontist to correct the original problem is often less costly than the additional dental care required to treat more serious problems that can develop in later years. It is also more cost-effective to go straight to a specialist, rather than having bite problems re-treated after lack of success by someone with less know-how in the subject.

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Dr Pourghadiri and Dr Good are British-trained specialist orthodontists.

They are highly trained professionals who have completed five-year university dentistry degree courses to obtain a dental qualification; then worked in various branches of dentistry to gain a broad working knowledge and experience of its different fields; gained success in additional professional exams, and then completed approved three-year full-time university and hospital postgraduate orthodontic specialist training programmes to achieve higher qualifications. These qualifications include Membership in Orthodontics of at least one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons and a Master of Science degree in Orthodontics.

Orthodontics has long been a specialised discipline, though general dentists are also legally entitled to perform procedures in any branch of dentistry. However, specialist orthodontists are the most highly trained experts in the field of orthodontics, limiting their practice to the treatment of orthodontic problems only, and being able to address more complex jaw and facial issues.

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Being a specialist orthodontist requires professional skill in the diagnosis and identification of facial and jaw disharmony and dental abnormality; as well as the design, application and control of a wide range of corrective and discreet appliances or braces that can bring teeth, lips and jaws into proper alignment and achieve facial balance for a lifetime of beautiful healthy smiles.

The advantages of seeing a specialist orthodontist rather than a general dentist for straightening your teeth are numerous:

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