Why choose Elite Orthodontics

Why Choose Elite Orthodontics?

Our Lonodn orthodontic practice

Our orthodontic practice is located just off Harley Street at 33 Weymouth Street. Having opened in 1973, Elite Orthodontics has gained an excellent reputation as one of the longest-established specialist orthodontists in Harley Street.

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The practice, which is located on the first floor of a listed Regency house, was totally redeveloped and modernised around the year 2000 in the contemporary style. The equipment and facilities were once again replaced and modernised in the mid-2010s so that the practice now boasts the latest diagnostic digital imaging and radiographic equipment. Brand new imaging and scanning equipment was purchased in 2020. We always strive to stay abreast of the latest advances in diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Orthodontics has long been a specialised discipline, but general dentists are also legally entitled to perform procedures in any branch of dentistry. However, specialist orthodontists are the most highly trained and qualified experts in the field of orthodontics.

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Our specialists at Elite Orthodontics, Dr Mahmoud Pourghadiri, Dr Sarah Good and Dr Ashish Shah, have for years limited their practice to the treatment of orthodontic problems only. They are both on the Specialist Register of the General Dental Council and are members of the British, European and American Associations of Orthodontists.

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Here at Elite Orthodontics, the practice of orthodontics is regarded as a speciality, and we apply our professional skills and modern facilities in the diagnosis and identification of dental abnormalities and facial disharmony.

Our orthodontists near Harley Street are dedicated to providing their patients with the highest quality of orthodontic care and are committed to continuing professional development and education as well as to complying with the current regulatory requirements. This, together with specific qualifications and training in orthodontics, is essential to provide the expert care that gives patients healthy straight teeth, beautiful smiles and enhanced self-esteem.

Elite Orthodontics

At Elite Orthodontics we offer various kinds of options for treatment depending on the unique and individual dental problem you may have.

At your consultation, the specialist orthodontist will seek to understand your concerns, issues and also your goals and vision for your final outcome so we can create a unique plan to meet your expectations.

We know that keeping braces discreet or invisible is very important for many of our patients, and we strive to ensure that braces are kept inconspicuous for those patients.

Cosmetic improvements in personal appearance have been associated with greater mental and physical well-being, benefiting patients in both work and social settings. We recognise that creating a beautiful smile that has straight teeth through orthodontics is a reliable way of improving the health of your teeth as well as your self-confidence.

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