What are coloured braces?

A fixed brace is made up of small precisely designed metal or ceramic buttons called brackets that are stuck/bonded to each tooth. The brackets are then connected to each other using a thin metal wire, called an archwire. The archwire is held in place with small elastic rings called modules, or with very thin wires called ligatures.

Modules come in a variety of colours. Where modules are used, you will have a choice of many colours and combination of colours to customise your brace. You can select colours to suit a special occasion or time of the year (e.g. red and green for Christmas), a sports team (e.g. red and white for Arsenal Football Club), or just choose your favourite colour.

coloured-bracesBraces are adjusted at regular intervals, and you can change your colours each time!

The plastic part of removable braces can be either clear, or it too can be made in a variety of colours or even designs to suit your taste.