Tooth-coloured, Clear or Ceramic Braces

Clear Ceramic Braces London - Elite Orthodontist

In this particular system of fixed braces, the brackets are made of a translucent or tooth-coloured material which can be from either ceramic or hard plastic. The archwires that are used in this system can be tooth-coloured also making this a much less noticeable style of braces than metal braces.

Ceramic Braces London - Elite Orthodontist

The choice of material used can depend on treatment goals and protocols, but also dependent on your wishes.

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When other types of invisible braces are not suitable or desired by our patients, our specialist orthodontists can use clear tooth-coloured fixed braces. At Elite Orthodontics we also use coated tooth-coloured/white archwires too, making clear ceramic braces a great choice for many adults or younger patients who wish their orthodontic treatment conducted as discreetly as possible.

Main benefits of a fixed brace:

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Your orthodontist will discuss the best options with you during your consultation.

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