What Problems Could there Be?

Over the past 20 years, clinical advancements and research in the field of orthodontics has meant better and more acceptable ways of treating conditions related to tooth alignment have come to the forefront. There is now an ever increasing demand for these new cutting edge techniques and they have revolutionised how we do things. It has resulted in patients, both adults and children alike, who are more accepting of having orthodontics carried out, and are thus able to enjoy the many psychological, physical and cosmetic benefits associated with these treatments.

Many of these improvements have been aimed at making treatment comfortable and trouble-free for the patient. In fact, Dr Sarah Good and Dr Pourghadiri use their knowledge, experience and training to always select those treatments that are best suited for the case at hand. Their choices reflect the latest in orthodontic braces, advanced clinical techniques and state-of-the-art appliance technology to ensure smooth problem-free treatment progress for their patients.

Despite this there may be some patients that experience certain difficulties during their treatment which you should be aware of prior to embarking upon any form of treatment.