Can an Attractive Smile Make You Feel Better or More Confident?

8th October 2020

New smile New you

All studies and surveys point to the fact that people find beautiful eyes and an attractive smile as the most important features of an appealing face.

Over the years, here at Elite Orthodontics we have heard some lovely stories about how our patients’ improved smiles have helped them in life:

  1. Many talk about the way their smile has given them self-assurance in social interactions and how they relate to other people. Their new straight smiles has helped them meet new people and forge long lasting relationships.
  2. So many of our patients start their journey with us as adolescents, and when we see them years later for new retainers or just a routine orthodontic check, they tell us how their orthodontic treatment has given them enhanced self-esteem and pride in their appearance, making things easier for university or job interviews, and giving them a sense of self confidence at work and at meetings.
  3. Wedding plans are often made months if not a year or two in advance! For many of our patients, their plans include straightening their teeth in readiness for their big day. So when the wedding day comes, they beam with delight for their photographs – confident that they will look fabulous for their wedding album.
  4. Of course, weddings are not the only time we have photos taken. With our mobile devices we are constantly taking photos of others – and ourselves! Close-up selfies? No problem! If you have ever been shy about smiling for photographs, orthodontics can definitely offer solutions to make you feel a lot more confident about posing for photos in any situation.
  5. What about confidence while you are having orthodontic treatment? Here at Elite Orthodontics we have solutions for discreet, less visible or even invisible braces so that you can smile confidently even while the treatment is progressing.  Can you imagine how much more confident you would be when the treatment has finished?

So, we definitely believe that an attractive smile can contribute to your psychological well-being and happiness; and achieving does not need to be inconvenient or exorbitantly expensive.

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