Orthodontic Specialists

Experienced specialists in child and adult orthodontics.
At Elite Orthodontics, our specialist orthodontist team Dr Mahmoud Pourghadiri, Dr. Sarah Good and Dr Ashish Shah are here to assist you.

They will discuss, explain and advise suitable choices for you that clinicians without the same specialist experience, knowledge and qualifications may not be able to offer.

Their experience,  and high-level specialist skills, provide you with superior possibilities for your requirements.

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In addition to their passion for their patients at Elite Orthodontics, our specialist orthodontists are respected for their responsibilities within the field of dentistry:

Hospital Consultants

Having worked as a consultant orthodontist at various hospitals, Dr. Sarah Good (in conjunction with the specialist orthodontist team at Elite Orthodontics has accrued an immense amount of experience in managing and dealing with complex cases).

The team is fully conversant with the complications of the various orthodontic conditions and the variety of options available, ensuring that they provide suitable solutions for you that are comfortable, meet your requirements, and which are long lasting and cost effective.

Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning

Having gained a huge amount of experience in paediatric dentistry over the years, the specialist team at Elite Orthodontics have close ties with restorative consultants, child psychologists, paediatricians, speech therapists, plastic surgeons and maxillo-facial surgeons.

Our team’s close connections with these individuals, allows them to provide a higher level of comprehensive treatment planning and treatment options.


Our specialists have authored numerous articles in dental publications. These have proven to be invaluable in remaining at the forefront of innovative orthodontics. Find out more about Dr Mahmoud Pourghadiri here.


Due to her breadth of knowledge and personal experience as a hospital consultant in orthodontics, Dr. Good also works as an examiner for the clinical examinations of the prestigious MOrth qualifications.


Our specialist orthodontist Dr. Sarah Good also teaches undergraduates and post-graduates.

She teaches on many post-graduate courses and coordinates with the London Deanery’s core group for various specific seminars.

She teaches postgraduate orthodontists on interdisciplinary care.

Dr. Good is also a respected speaker at the British Orthodontic Society’s annual conference.

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