What are the benefits of an orthodontic consultation?

6th December 2019

Orthodontic Consultation for Teeth Central London - Elite Orthodontist Orthodontists are dentists who have completed advanced dental education and training in the specific area of correcting bites, occlusion and the straightening teeth

Generally, it is typical for people to have a trusted, long-term dentist they see regularly for check-ups and any minor treatments.

If you have a more serious issue, that needs specialised treatment, then a reliable dentist will refer you to see an orthodontist.

However, you can also take this into your own hands and organise the appointment yourself. At Elite Orthodontics, we offer consultation appointments for £180.00 whereby you can gain a better understanding of your own dental health, as well as the type of solutions orthodontics, can offer you.

Who is suitable to have a  consultation?

We are happy to meet with any potential patient, regardless of how minor or severe, their issue is.

Attending a consultation meeting does not mean you are signing up to any kind of treatment, but it can be helpful if you are looking for an informative, transparent overview about the options available to you and the pros and cons of each specific treatment.

It is easy to find information online – but often this information can be conflicting and lead to more confusion rather than clarity.

We offer treatment to anyone regardless of age, and there are many price plans available to suit every budget.

What kind of treatments will be offered?

The most common orthodontic treatment is braces, but we have many different types of braces available including conventional metal braces, clear braces and Invisalign.

If your dentist has referred you to an orthodontist then you will have a better idea about what kind of treatment you need.

However, it is fine to come to a consultation without knowing what treatment you need – the consultation is an opportunity to find out what solutions could work for you going forward.

What happens at a consultation?

A consultation is an informal meeting that gives you the chance to ask any questions and take advantage of someone who is an expert in the field of orthodontics.

During a consultation, the orthodontist will refer to your dental/medical history to get a better understanding of your teeth. However, the conversation will be focused around your issues and your desires for your teeth.

Some of the issues typically covered in a consultation meeting include:

During a consultation, it is our orthodontists’ aim to ensure you leave the meeting feeling much more informed than when you arrived.

This means you can go home and think through the given information and take the time to decide if you want to go ahead with any of the suggested treatments.

There is no pressure to commit to a treatment on the day.

So what are the reasons not to have a consultation…?

The main sacrifice you are making is giving time, but this is a small price to pay for access to knowledge from people who have trained in orthodontics for 7+ years and subsequently have a wealth of knowledge to offer.

If you would like to organise a consultation appointment, get in contact today.

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