Early Diagnosis

As part of our Two-Phase Orthodontic programme we recommend that you bring your child to see an orthodontist as early as possible, whilst the child is still growing. Apart from helping them to become familiar with the practice, it is important that we are able to diagnose any problems earlier and intervene if necessary in order to establish a balanced and stable aesthetic dentition as the child grows. Interceptive treatment can help to facilitate optimal development of a well-aligned dentition during Phase One.

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During the age when a child has their deciduous (baby) teeth, there is often an illusion that the teeth are all healthy and will develop correctly, since they look white and straight. But this is not necessarily true and early professional advice can prevent detriment to your child’s teeth. Our Specialists will study the mouth carefully and use radiographs to predict any negative future outcomes. This is why Phase One becomes such an important protocol to follow. It simply helps correct development of the teeth and jaws.

We also recommend ongoing regular checkups to make sure that your child’s development or the outcome of any past treatment is in line with our expectations. Your Specialist Orthodontist will advise you of how often you should bring your child.

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