In what ways do specialist orthodontists stand out against dentists?

6th December 2019

After an initial assessment, a private orthodontist like Dr Mahmoud Pourghadiri will talk to you about possible treatment plans and timelines and costs etc.

Both dentists and orthodontists share the optimum goal of improving the oral health and aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Although some dentists will go straight into practising as soon as they graduate from dental school, some choose to further their studies in order to qualify as an orthodontist.

Orthodontists are skilled in how to move teeth and fixing facial abnormalities, whereas a dentist is more specifically focused on keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Dentists almost play the role of mediator, as they can carry out check-ups on teeth, provide care for minor oral issues, and refer you to qualified orthodontists when the task is beyond their ability.

Keep up your oral hygiene!

Dentists encourage and inform patients on how to keep good oral hygiene and provide services related to:

It is important to remember that orthodontists are also dentists and have the skills and experience to provide the above treatments.

However, they also specialise in the alignment of teeth and more cosmetic procedures too including the treatment of:

It is true that some dentists can be trained to provide orthodontic care, and a lot of general dentists can, of course, provide treatments such as braces.

However, it is your choice if you are willing to put the outcome of your smile into the hands of someone who is less qualified.

Choosing a certified, highly-experienced, trustworthy orthodontist reduces the risk that you could end up with results that are not in line with how you initially wanted your smile to look.

Other specialists

We often forget that within dentistry there is a wide range of varying dentistry positions, and a general dentist is just one speciality. According to British Dentistry some of the specific dentist roles are:

With all of these different specialities in mind, it is easy to see why it is important to have orthodontic treatment with an orthodontist, as opposed to a dentist who is not specifically trained in this field.

How do you know you are choosing the right orthodontist?

  1. At Elite Orthodontics London, we receive many of our patients through referrals from their dentists.
  2. Our patients also end up at Elite Orthodontics after seeing the success of friends’ or family members’ treatment.
  3. This attests to the fact that we provide consistent, reliable and impressive results to our patients.
  4. Additionally, you can refer to our before and after gallery to see the success of our treatments for yourself.

We urge anyone considering where to have their dentistry treatment to remember that all orthodontists are dentists, although not all dentists are orthodontists.

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